Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Here comes the sun :)

Oh my word Spring is finally here!...Oh I do hope I haven't jinxed it and the weather doesn't turns miserable again cos that would be pretty infuriating. I just love the way a little bit of sunshine can lift the spirits and make you think 'hey lets stop hibernating and do something!'. And if I'm totally honest it makes me happy because I think you can have more fun when it comes to clothes. See I feel the cold quite a bit and hate (so not an understatement!) getting cold so when I am pondering the day's outfit I normally go for anything that will keep me warm. 'Ah, practical' I hear you say, but most of the time (well for me it does) practicality goes hand in hand with boring! I am so very tired of jeans, jumpers and big old bulky, albeit snuggly, coats. So when I peeked out my window to see the glorious blue sky the first thought that came to my head was 'DRESS!'

Uh oh look at my dandelions! Hey I'm no gardener I let the weeds grow if they wish.

Cut out shirt dress- Generation @ New Look £6 (sale)
Green cardigan-Generation @ New Look £9 (sale)
Tights-Asda £3 (pack of 4)
Lace trim socks- Primark £1.50
Sunglasses- Primark £1
Bag- Ebay £8
Creepers- New Look £24.99
Chunky silver ring- Dorothy Perkins £1 (sale)
Ring- Dorothy Perkins £3 (part of a set)

OK so this is "my first spring outfit" but I can see that although it does involve a dress the colours are far from spring-y. Hmm, let me see, black? Yep. More black? Grey? Yuh huh... but hey there's green! Now I do love this outfit (check out the cute cut out detail on the dress) and it's a good one for easing me into a new season and out of my winter wardrobe. Yay am already planning more outfits for all the sunny days still to come :)

My makeup today was something a little bit more subtle than what I normally go for. I tend to do a smokey eye 90% of the time and then the rest is black eyeliner but this can sometimes look a bit too harsh in the sunlight so I went for an almost bare eye with pink lips and a subtle peach blush. I had to, of course keep my strong brows because I feel rather naked without them!

I had a lovely and rather seasonal appropriate day of munching on (more!) of my Easter chocolate, cooing (read: screeching) at cute baby animals, genuinely considering getting a teeny tiny pony and putting it in our garden (hey it could eat the dandelions!), singing loudly to music in the car and hoping to tan away my snowy complexion.

Hope you all enjoyed the sun :)

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  1. Absolutely love this outfit Gilli! And so cheap, amazing! x