Thursday, 18 April 2013

About time too...

Yes I have finally purchased a Rimmel Apocalips! I first heard of them before they were even released when Dolly Bowbow reviewed them on her Youtube channel (see the full video here). She had all the shades they carry and I pretty much loved them all, hence why it took me so long to buy one...ah decisions, decisions.
For those of you that aren't familiar with Apocalips they are basically a lip lacquer; somewhere between a gloss and a lipstick. They come in gloss-like packaging and formulation, but they have the super pigmentation and staying power of a lipstick.
The colour I finally decided upon was Stellar. This was the one that knew I was most likely to end up with although I did consider Lunar and Nova as well (future purchases no doubt). Stellar is rather bright and is somewhere between red, coral and pink and seems to look like a different colour in different lights so I can't make up my mind what the colour really is....but I know I love it :)
Soo what do I think.....
I have worn this 3 times now and can safely say that this is my favourite lip product that I have tried to date. The formula is just perfect, it is really long lasting but in no way dries out your lips. When it does eventually begin to fade (hey nothing lasts forever) it doesn't got go patchy but instead looks like a lip stain and gets lighter...I would say until it disappears but I haven't worn it long enough for that to happen and I've worn it all day!
When you apply it to your lips I would recommend that you scrape any excess product off  the applicator first instead it can look a bit too glossy. Apart from making sure you don't have any flaky skin on you lips (a necessity anyway, right?) you don't really have to prep your lips as Apocalips is lovely and moisturising. Also you don't need to line your lips as it doesn't feather (mind you I have only tried one shade but it is a pretty bright one that you would think would feather.)
One amazing product I say and it won't break the bank as it retails for £5.99 but seems to be discounted in a  few places, I got mine for £5 in Asda :)
My current nails.  Clouds on the thumb and alternating daisies and polka dots.

Thanks everyone :)

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