Saturday, 20 April 2013

Get them toes out!

Yay! My feet have finally come out from hibernation and I wore my first sandals of the year!! Rather excited if I'm honest because I just love open-toed shoes :) Although there has been other warm days where sandals were a possible footwear option I haven't been able to as I can't have my feet exposed at college due to health and safety...blah blah...
These pink jelly sandals I bought last year from Primark and I do believe they were only about £2-3. I was wearing a monochrome outfit so thought these would add a bit of colour. Bright pink, giant bows and plastic charms? So tacky right! Oh well I think they are one of my more 'fun' pieces I own which add a bit character and playfulness that seems appropriate as soon as the sun shows it's face.
Obviously I had to make sure my toes were looking their best so I gave them a bit of a pedicure and painted them in the Essie shade Brazilliant which totally clashes with these shoes but hopefully in a good way!
Aww don't you love flowers for no reason? :) Brightening up my window a treat! Especially seeing as the plant to the left isn't growing!

Hope you enjoyed the sun! 

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