Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Old nails...?

  So when I say this post is going to be me reviewing my first Essie nail varnishes you may well ask yourself 'has she been living under a rock?!' Well I have of course heard of Essie and 'oohed' and 'aahed' at all the amazing colours the brand has BUT I have never actually purchased one! Shock horror I pick up your jaws..
  Now I buy nail varnishes all the time and the ones I tend to buy carry a friendly price tag that never really goes over the £5 mark, one of my favourite nail varnishes is actually a George @ Asda one which was around £2. Although Essie isn't hugely expensive, they retail for about £8, they are just a teensy bit more than the usual ones I buy. (I love Collection 2000 and 17 nail varnishes if you are at all interested.).....However I have recently discovered a website called Cosmetics Fairy that stocks Essie nail varnishes for about £4-5 and so I thought I would give them a go to see if they are worth the hype. Cosmetics Fairy don't stock all the Essie range and there were only about 10 to choose from.
The one that I chose came as a little set which was £3.49. It included 5ml mini bottles of Braziliant (the orange one) and Super Bossa Nova (the pink one). 
They are both beautifully vibrant colours that will be perfect for summer as they will be super flattering with a tan, but look equally good with paler skin (good for my wintery pallor!). Super Bossa Nova is a hot pink  with a magenta iridescent shimmer running through it. Braziliant is a bright zesty orange that has a pinky/coral shimmer in it. Both shades come out true to colour on the nail which is lovely.
I couldn't make up my mind which shade I wanted to try first so I painted all my nails with Super Bossa Nova except my index fingers which I painted with Braziliant......ah the ever trendy accent nail! Thought I would be, y'know, ca-razy and switch it up to my index instead of my ring finger, got to keep things fresh i guess...

When applying both the colours I saw that they were really opaque with only one coat (the above picture shows two coats) and I didn't apply a topcoat because I wanted to see how long they would last by themselves. It's been three days and there are a few tiny chips which aren't really noticeable, so far so good :)
Yes, I am glad I decided to try out these Essie nail varnishes and am looking forward to choosing some more of their fabulous colours from the extensive range!

Thank you :)
Did you spot my, ahem, witty pun on old news...old nails..?? 

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