Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Barry M Ridley Road

This is one of my newest members of my nail collection, it is from the new Barry M textured nail paint range. I am already a big fan of Barry M products, especially their lip and nail paints, so was really excited to try this new formulation. 
This is in the colour Ridley Road and is a fabulous pastel shade which is somewhere between  mint green and duck egg blue. It looks so pretty when worn and makes me want the spring even more...not too long to wait!! I got this one for £3.99 from Superdrug.

As you can see from the pictures the nail varnish dries to 'gritty' texture, the best way to describe it is  to imagine mixing fine sand with nail varnish...yep that's what it's like. I applied two coats over a base coat but did not apply a topcoat because, firstly, I didn't know if it would interfere with the texture of the nail varnish and also because I like to test the wear-time of new nail varnishes. You could probably get away with only one coat if you applied it thickly but to increase drying time (it's just the bane of my life waiting for my nails to dry!) I applied two thin coats and the result was super opaque. It didn't take very long to dry anyway and I was less conscious of smudging it because a small smudge wouldn't notice so much in this textured finish as opposed to a smooth glossy one. I wore this varnish for five days and there was only minimal chipping at the very tips of my nail and they weren't really that noticeable. This really impressed me as I have the worst luck with nail varnish; it just always seems to chip so soon no matter what I wear, which is why I tend not to fork out too much on the ones I buy. Now this texture took a little while to get used to, I have a weird habit of stroking my nails all the time and it would take me by surprise when they were rough not smooth but apart from that I really like the effect they give. I'm tempted to buy some more from the textured range, I've only seen pastel shades so far but maybe Barry M will branch out and do some bright and dark colours. I'm guessing a textured black would be a good dupe of Nail Inc's leather one?
Oh and the best bit is that it was pretty easy to remove, I was worried it was going to be similar to removing glitter nail varnish and I would end up picking the textured particles off my nails leaving them worse for wear. I pressed a cotton pad soaked in nail varnish remover (think it was the ElegantTouch non acetone one) onto each nail for about a thirty seconds and then wiped it off nice and easily:)

Thank you everyone

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  1. I think I shall have to try this textured range as I also have bad luck with my nails chipping! i have worn textures false nails before so hopefully won't feel to weird on me.