Monday, 4 March 2013

February favourites... 

Hi there, I'm Gilli I am 21 years old and am studying Beauty Therapy at the moment. I have always wanted to write a blog so here goes...

Here are a few of the things beauty and fashion-wise I have been enjoying in February.
These are my wedge desert boots from New Look and they should really be classed as my all time favourite shoe of winter as I have been wearing them almost non-stop recently. I actually bought them sometime in 2011 but for some reason didn't wear them much. However at the end of last year I dug them out and realised they sort of went with everything and were perfect for dressing up daytime outfits because of their heel, which is still very comfortable to walk in. I will include these in an outfit of the day soon so you can see what they look like as part of an outfit because I can imagine some might think 'oh...brown shoes..:/'
I got this Marc Jacobs perfume as a Christmas present from my boyfriend and just like the shoes above I have been wearing it all winter. It has a fresh and floral fragrance which I just love!
 I recieved the Lee Stafford My Big Fat Healthy Hair shampoo and conditioner as a part of a gift set for Christmas but have only just started using it as I was waiting to use up my previous shampoo. They boast they will give you 'bigger, fuller, fatter, hair' by ridding your hair of 'dulling deposits that make hair go lank and limp'. Well my hair totally goes lank and limp all the time and I would normally skip conditioner so my hair didn't cling to my scalp on the second day. I wouldn't say I have massive fat hair now(now that would be nothing short of a miracle!) but they definately don't weigh my hair down and they smell yummy which is pretty important.

Now this Batiste dry shampoo also smells gorgeous and is a blooming saviour seeing as I don't like to wash my hair everyday(don't worry I still shower every day!). It's great for adding a bit of oomph and texture to squeaky clean hair too.
So onto skincare...this Biore scrub has been great for my skin; it's oil free and contains salicylic acid which is good for oily skin, like mine, that is prone to breakouts. I've found it hard in the past to choose a scrub because my skin is a bit of a mixture as its oily/dry combination and sensitive aswell so normally scrubs either are ineffective or dry out/irritate my skin. This one does none of this, it gets rid of those bothersome flaky bits and leave my skin looking really yay that's a winner! Oh and also it was only about £5-6 :)

This eye cream from Institut Esthederm is actually an anti-aging one which I guess I don't really need but I got it free a while a go so thought I wouldn't let it go to waste. Its a lovely consistency; moisturising but not too thick. I try to use it morning and night and it really helps my concealer not go horrible and cakey :)
I have blue eyes so I tend to wear bronze and gold eyeshadows as they make my eyes 'pop' and this Barry M trio (the shade on the back has worn off sorry) has been in my makeup bag all this month. I wear the middle gold shade all over the lid with the dark brown shade in the crease and outer corner. These eyeshadows are highly pigmented and last hours without creasing and retail for around £4-5 so whats not to love? 

This Kryolan lipstick is in the shade LC334, a bright coral/pink, and is bloody amazing! On the packaging it is not advertised as a longwearing lipstick but has quite some staying power! I can easily put this on in the morning and not reapply all day, and most importantly, not need to! I could rave about this lipstick for quite some time so I will probably do an entire post dedicated to it soon :)
When my skin is having a day where it needs perking up, unfortunately this seems to be most days! I wear this Healthy Mix Serum by Bourjois as it has medium to full coverage and leaves you skin looking fresh and dewy but not in an oil slick kind of way. It also doesn't stick to and accentuate any dry patches. I have it in the shade Vanilla which is a nice neutral colour that isn't too pink or orange. I apply it with my Real Techniques buffing brush(which is awesome by the way) and it blends seamlessly into my skin.

Super Volume Mascara from Body Shop was one of those products you just don't like at first but gradually grow on you. When I first started using it, for whatever reason, it just DIDN'T work. My lashes would end up all clumped together (how attractive I must have looked..!) after many layers of me trying to get those ever sought after big thick lashes which are sadly far from what I have. However after a week or so of me sticking with it, I hate wasting things, this mascara managed to transform my little lashes into a near enough approximation of  eyelash perfection:) so yep I like it now!

OK hope you enjoyed the first of many posts:)

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