Friday, 8 March 2013

A few purchases :)

Over the last month I have treated myself to a few bits and bobs, nothing extravagant, so thought I would share what I found...
Now this set of earrings from New Look was an absolute bargain. Firstly that's six pairs of earrings, none of which I don't like and the best bit ...they were half price! I paid only £2.25 for them , no doubt about it I would not have scoffed at paying the full price. Oh and if any of you think 'hmm the top studs don't match?!' then do not worry it's meant to be like that and that leads me on to the other reason I love this set...well sort of said it anyway but yeah the studs are mismatched. I have 11 ear piercings and very rarely wear matching pairs because I like to have lots of different designs in my ears all at once :)
I obviously was thinking about summer when I bought these rather pretty shorts from Primark but I'm sure I will get some wear out of them while the sun is on holiday. These were another bargain at only £4.
How pretty is this rose and butterfly design?
Ah another pair of shorts! I have been considering buying some distressed denim shorts but the truth of the matter is I have a fair few already BUT I do not have a pair with cool rainbow Aztec patches...well actually I do now cos I got 'em! These beauties were from Primark for £12.

The only little negative point is that there are only patches on the front of the shorts but hey ho we can't have it all :)
These (are they called..?) friendship bands were in sets of three from Primark, £1.50 each, but I can't remember which three went together so I have shown them all at once. There was another set with a more pastel/spring theme which I may have to pick up on my next trip.
This picture does not do these shoes justice but my camera isn't very good and lighting blah blah.. These were in the New Look shoes sale but are from the teens bit, you know Generation or 915? I can't remember now, and were only £8. I actually bought these quite a while a go but haven't worn them yet so they still count as new... Think they will look really cute with printed dresses and tights or skinnies and a tee.
I bought this T-shirt for only £4 in New Look, oh I do love sales. 

See the American Flag (does it have a proper name or am I being stupid?)? And the studs and rhinestones? Very much like this:)

Thanks everyone

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