Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Some recent purchases

It was my birthday just over a week ago and seeing as I'm older I tend to mostly get money as a gift from my relatives so that meant I went shopping! :) The following items were bought between a few different shopping trips and I have actually ordered a few things online but they are yet to arrive.

These first items were actually bought before my birthday and are all from Matalan. Now I don't normally shop in Matalan but I had been searching everywhere for a half decent bikini that was flattering and in my size (an almost impossible task to accomplish if you don't wish to pay £50 or something silly) and happened to have a little peek on the off chance they had something I liked. They had a surprisingly lovely range of swimwear and this pink snake skin print bikini caught my eye and when I saw the tiny price I knew I had to get it there and then. The bikini tops have proper bra sizes which I liked as it guaranteed that it would fit well. 
After buying the bikini I received a voucher for £5 off when I spent £25 which I thought was pretty good so I had a little browse on their website and decided upon these two pairs of sandals. The wedge sandals were bought to wear with my birthday outfit (should have a post up on that soon) and are actually more of an off-white colour in person but I still like them. The only negative point is that the sizing come up a little big but the ankle straps are adjustable so that is easily sorted by tightening the straps so my feet aren't flapping around.
I haven't worn the black sandals yet but I know once the weather is a little less wet they will be perfect for pairing with most outfits because of the colour and minimal style is so easy to wear.

These next two items were actually birthday gifts but I thought I would share them with you as they are fashion related and I love them. 
These purple Hunter wellies will be perfect as I live in the countryside and like to go on walks where it can get  muddy (although I would prefer not to get my Hunters dirty!) also if in the future (looks pretty distant right now) I go to any festivals I'm sorted :)
These black and white Harlequin leggings were from Republic in their sale, I saw them  when I was with my boyfriend and was like 'I need these!' and he kindly offered to buy them as part of my birthday present. You most likely can't see  from this photo that the leggings are sort of a velvet texture which reminded me of the ones they have in  Topshop at the  moment. They are fairly highwaisted which is perfect as I love how flattering this style looks.  I am planning to wear these with anything from crop tops to slouchy jumpers as I think they are a piece that can easily be dressed up for a night out or dressed down during the day.

 Statement necklace-£3
Set of 3 necklaces-£2
Next these items were from Primark which was actually a bit of a disappointing trip if I'm honest as there really didn't seem to be anything of interest. I did however pick up this multi coloured top with a cut out in the back and buttons down the front. I liked the colourful and busy print and thought it would look good tucked into some shorts or jeans. It is a bit of an awkward length though; shorter than your average top but too long to be a crop top which is a bit annoying so I'm considering shortening it.
I bought these necklaces as I liked the ethnic feel they had and that they were silver as I have been wearing a lot of gold jewelry recently and fancied a bit of a change.
Bralet-£3 (special offer)
Crop top-£4 (sale item)
Crop top-£6 (sale item)

These items are from New Look and are from the recent sale. I don't know what it is lately but whenever I go shopping I don't want to buy any of their new season stock and end up rummaging in the sale racks. It's not because I don't like the new clothes I just don't end up buying any of it. 
The black bralet I bought to wear underneath a sheer top I bought in H&M (it's coming don't worry) and I'm sure I will find many uses for it apart from that. 
I really like the print on the black Aztec print crop top and ended up buying it although it is a size too big, I have tried it on and although it's a bit loose I thing it looks OK and just gives a more relaxed feel to outfits.
When I saw this white crop top I was intrigued by its texture which I think will add a bit of interest to an outfit even though colourwise it is plain. The sleeves are longer than on other crop tops I've seen as the neckline comes off the shoulder a bit.
 Tiger top-£5 (sale item)
 Top-£3 (sale item)
Skulls vest-£5 (sale item)
Once again I only found things in the sale. These were from H&M, which had a really good sale section as there was a lot of stock in lots of different sizes so it was easy to find what I wanted.
This sheer top with the tiger on it really interested me as I keep seeing tops with cats on them. I will wear it with black jeans or leggings with that black bralet underneath for day or tucked into a midi skirt for nights out.
I thought this nude coloured top would be great for a really casual, understated look if you wore it with skinny jeans, a statement necklace and some boots or sandals.
I'm not 100% sure about the shape of this vest as it is a bit big on me and doesn't hang well but I really do like the print so I will probably just wear it tucked into highwaisted skirts and trousers.
Crop top-£4.99 (sale item)
Yes it's another crop top! And it was in the sale surprise, surprise! This was from Quiz and was £10 off the original price which I think is pretty darn good! In real life it is actually a bit more neon than pastel and is so soft so I know it will be super comfy to wear. I plan to wear this with my harlequin leggings as I think the colour and boxy shape will work really well with them.
As I seem to have bought a lot of tops I thought i should get some more highwaisted trousers (soo much more comfortable than low rise) and was considering some more Topshop ones but as more places are doing their versions of  the American Apparel 'Easy Jeans' I thought I would give the ASOS Ridley jean a go. These are a dark blue acid wash (although it's not clear in the picture) which I thought would be a a nice change from the plain jeans I have. They are a really nice fit and suck you in without being uncomfortable but they are no where near as soft and stretchy as the Topshop Joni jeans. 

Thanks everyone :)

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