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REVIEW: L'oreal Skin Perfection 3 in 1 Purifying Micellar Solution.

So, I finished my first bottle of L'oreal's micellar solution so I thought I would tell you what I thought as I was pretty impressed. I'm sure you have heard of the 'original' micellar water, Bioderma, and basically this is just a cheaper version of that. First I must tell you that, shock horror! I haven't used Bioderma so I cannot compare the two products and actually this is the first micellar water I have tried so I guess I am doing a bit of a first impression on the whole micellar water hype (although as always I am pretty late on that wagon as per usual!)

While I was using this micellar solution I didn't change any other products I use on my face so I would be sure that any changes that may have occurred to my skin would have been caused by this product. Also I used this product until I had finished the bottle, which was over two months, to give it a real chance to do its magic as sometimes skin care can take up to six weeks to make a difference.

First I guess I should give you a bit of a summary of my skin; to describe it in one word I would say it is temperamental. I have combination skin which seems to vary quite drastically from being being very oily and spot prone to the drier side of normal. Although I am prone to spots they are not particularly horrendous, just bothersome, my real problem are those pesky little under the skin bumps and black heads. To top all that lovely stuff off I also have sensitive skin (I have had reactions to products aimed at sensitive skin on two occasions) which means I am prone to redness.

As I wear makeup pretty much every day I want to make sure it all comes off (and out of) my skin at the end of the day but this is where I have had problems trying to find the right products for my skin. When I have tried cleansers that claim to reduce oil they just made my skin dry. When I tried products for dry skin they make my skin greasy. Products aimed for normal or sensitive skin subsequently didn't seem to have any effect. Ever since I have been wearing makeup, which is around nine years (well that's made me feel old!) I have been trying all sorts of  skin care products and it was only a year a go that I stopped using wipes and realised that I needed to take my makeup off and then cleanse, tone etc. So far I think I have found a good cleanser and toner (albeit not the Holy Grail I'm afraid) and the thing that was frustrating me was makeup remover....
Until now!!

OK this is the back of the packaging with all their claims, promises and what not. The first claim made that the solution is as 'gentle as water' I can really vouch for as I did get some it in my eye (clever I know) and I can say, hand on heart, it did not hurt or sting anymore than getting water in your eye would. 

The fact that this product claims to be suitable for face, eyes and lips did seem a little unconvincing at first because seeing as the pH of these parts of skin can be vastly different (the skin around the eyes is alkaline whereas the rest of the face is acidic) means that realistically they cannot be treated as one. However L'oreal's micellar solution seems to do just this; it didn't dry out or irritate around my eyes and balanced out my skin as well as cleaning it deep down.

I used this micellar solution as my first step of my night time skin regime. I applied it to two cotton pads (one for each eye) and pressed it over my eye lightly. Now on the packaging it says you only need to press it on the area for a few seconds but when you're wearing at least five coats of mascara you would have to be delusional to think a few seconds would do anything so I would hold it on for anywhere up to a minute and then gently sweep it across my eye. Now this would take off a fair amount of my eye makeup but not all of it so I would just turn the cotton pad over and repeat to remove the remainder. For my face I would apply the solution to two more cotton pads and sweep them over my face until all my makeup was off and then I would proceed to cleanse my face.

So although not all the claims have been entirely proved I'm sure L'oreal would tell me that it's because I didn't use the micellar solution along with the other products in the Skin Perfection range (which I am keen to try). All this said I was so impressed with the way that this product was able to help me remove my makeup almost effortlessly. There weren't any crazy changes to my skin but what I have noticed is that in the few weeks since I stopped using L'oreal's micellar solution there have been noticeable changes to my skin. I am instead just using my lotion cleanser to remove my face makeup and a normal eye makeup remover to take off my eye makeup and then cleansing again and with this regime I feel that afterwards my eyes are a little drier and my skin has been more oily. Also now I'm not using the micellar solution I don't get that fresh clean feeling after removing my makeup.

I shall definately be repurchasing this lovely product (the only reason I haven't is that I wanted to see if my skin was different without it) which brings me to my next point which is the price. If you fancied giving Bioderma a go it would set you back around £16 as well as a bit of a mission to find it as I don't think its sold in the UK yet. However L'oreal's micellar solution is only £4.99 and you can get it at Superdrug, what's not to love about that then? 
Now check out this list of ingredients! Yes I know I can't pronounce all those words but...sorry was just counting, there are only seven ingredients! Seven ingredients, wow! I don't think I have ever seen something that I have bought in Superdrug that has so little ingredients. Now as I have said I haven't used Bioderma or any other micellar waters so they may have less ingredients but when you are comparing it to ingredients of other makeup removers and the like it is definitely a winner. This is something I don't feel guilty about putting on my face :)

So tell me, have you used a micellar water? What did you think?

Thanks everyone :)

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